Bobby James

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Bobby James | Saturdays & Sundays 6PM – 9PM

I’m a child of the 80’s, a true Rock N Roll rebel and that’s why I fit in here. It’s all about letting the music do the talking for me. I was hanging out at The Lost Horizon at a very young age and banging my head to every national and many local acts that came through the doors of that historic club. I remember stopping by Kases & Kegs for a giant sandwich after a show, were you there? I remember hanging out at Albino’s with all of the local bands, were you there? I’ll bet many of you were. Words can’t describe how incredible it feels to be part of a lineup on The Rebel that includes such legendary radio voices. Join me from 6-9 on Saturday and Sunday nights and help me keep the music alive. Long live Rock N Roll.


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