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Holly Dagger | Weekdays 6 – 11PM

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Hey friends! I’m originally from Syracuse, more specifically that dark area on the map known as Fulton (gasp) and moved down to Binghamton for four years working as a Promotions Director for five stations and on-air for a classic rock station. After deciding to move back, I was lucky enough to be asked to do nights for you, 7 to midnight on The Rebel!

I love all different kinds of music with Led Zeppelin, Lettuce and Tool being my constant favorites. I have been a dancer for over 25 years….take that as you will. Ballerina? Stripper? I’ll let your imagination do the work. I am a HUGE live music fan and love supporting local musicians. I’m so excited to be back in Syracuse – Go Orange!

Get a hold of me to say hi, share your favorite music, talk dirty or make requests!


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