The Rebel Rocks Lives On!

Rebel Programming Information:

Cumulus Sold the Rebel signal 105.9 to Educational Media Foundation.

The Rebel went off the radio dial Friday 5/31 at 6pm. You will no longer hear the Rebel on traditional radio.

Cumulus will support the Rebel as an all streaming station found at the Rebel and all smart speakers.

This is the first time a Syracuse broadcast station has put 24/7, free music on solely a stream platform.

These are all the basics:

*Dave Frisina will still broadcast from the same studio.

*You can still listen to the Rebel on line at, you can download the app on your phone, or listen from any Alexa/Echo type device.

*No more Bob & Tom in the Morning – it will now be the Morning Blend-music similar to that of Soulshine on Sundays.

*You will never be more than 2 minutes away from music.

*Soulshine (Sundays 10am-2pm) and Soundcheck (Sunday 9-10pm) will still continue as usual and be live on air.

*Flashback (Sundays 6am-10am).

*Get The Dead Out every night at 7pm.

*Local music will be played every hour

*And you will hear more deep cuts and B sides of bands


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